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HK Acupuncture Center is committed to Providing Relief to your Chronic Pain

Our Acupuncture Services Include
Acupuncture for Lower Back Pain in Edison

Let us turn your life around by helping you reduce your lower back pain through traditional acupuncture treatment. We stimulate acupuncture points for lower back pain to give you pain relief.

Acupuncture For Sciatica in Edison

Are you tired of injections and fear surgery for sciatica? Do not worry, we have a cure that will be easy on you and provide you permanent relief.

Acupuncture For Shoulder Pain in Edison

Are you tired of the limited mobility of your arms due to chronic shoulder pain? Our shoulder pain acupuncture specialists are ever ready to help you.

Acupuncture For Arthritis in Edison

Knees bear the weight of the entire body and are the most functional part throughout the life. They also need some treatment to relax. We will bring your arthritis pain in control through our expert level acupuncture treatment.

Acupuncture For Migraine in Edison

Throughout the US, people suffer from migraine at some stage of their life. These pains make your life hell if left untreated. Stop suppressing pain through pain killers and reduce it naturally through traditional stimulation of acupuncture points for migraine treatment.

Why choose HK Acupuncture Center?

Results Guaranteed

We have a team of acupuncturists who are well trained and experienced in performing the procedure. You will definitely be surprised by the results!


Acupuncture in Edison, NJ itself is an affordable treatment as compared to other treatments. And at HK Acupuncture Center we focus on maintaining the overall quality of the treatment in an economical way.

Multiple Treatments in One Visit

We understand time is money and therefore we avoid wasting your precious hours by calling you repeatedly. Our experts perform acupuncture for as many points as possible in one sitting.

Clean Environment

The most important factors that makes HK Acupuncture Center the best place for this treatment is the level of hygiene that we maintain during the whole procedure.

How We Perform Acupuncture?

During acupuncture the professional experts find the pressure points to strategically place needles on them. The needles trigger the release of proteins, chemicals and hormones to give the patient immediate relief. It is crucial for an acupuncturist to check pulse, discuss sleeping and eating patterns and find out medical history of the patient. We have helped countless clients of Acupuncture East Brunswick and the surrounding areas, All these details help the expert to find out the right points to place needles on.

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